Be aware of benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana

Marijuana refers to the dried seeds, stems, flowers and leaves from the hemp plant namely Cannabis sativa. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the mind-alerting chemical and available in the marijuana. Many people throughout the world illegally make use of the Marijuana in recent years. Students in schools and colleges mostly use the drug form of marijuana and get pleasurable leisure without awareness about health risks. They smoke it in hand-rolled cigarettes, water pipes and pipes. They also use vaporizers to avoid inhaling smoke.  The best design of the vaporizer pulls the active elements of this herb and collects such vapor in the storage unit.  Marijuana liquid extracts are available on the market at reasonable prices.

If marijuana is used for medicinal purposes as per guidelines from a qualified doctor, then there is no health risk.  Elements of this herb do not fail to affect every organ in the body.  Nervous system and immune system are heavily affected by smoking this herb in any form.  Regular users of marijuana suffer from increased heart rate, lower blood pressure, increased blood sugar, bleeding, symptoms of lung cancer, chest colds, dizziness, dry mouth, shallow breathing and dilated pupils.

High quality elements of Marijuana heal some diseases without any negative side effect. However, the overall dose of this herb and how to consume this herb play the main roles behind the success of the treatment. If you like to reduce possibilities of diseases such as AIDs, then you can make use of this herb. Glaucoma patients worldwide these days can use the marijuana as per their doctor’s suggestions and prevent blindness. Once you have decided to reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco, you can use the marijuana. Individuals who properly make use of marijuana these days decrease their anxiety as expected. They feel confidence to recommend it to others.