San Jose Moves To Ban Medical Marijuana Again

Advocates State the Proposed Regulations Would Effectively Ban Collectives. Community Meeting Wednesday May 7th

San Jose, CA (May 6, 2014) Medical marijuana operators state that under the new regulations being presented to the San Jose City Council, no collectives will be able to operate in San Jose. The proposal requires each collective to produce all its own medication at one location in San Jose. It also bans all outdoor cultivation, concentrated cannabis and much more. The proposal provides for no community feedback or input on how the collectives operate, and will effectively force medical marijuana patients to resort to buying their medication on the black market.

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) will be hosting a community meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 7th at 3pm at the UFCW Hall, 240 South Market street in San Jose to discuss this issue. SVCC will present a new set of regulations combining the city’s language along with that of the SVCC and Sensible San Jose initiatives into one unified document.

“Our goal is to create language city staff, the San Jose community, and the collective’s can all live with,” said Dave Hodges, SVCC member and founder of the All American Cannabis Club in San Jose. “What the city is presenting is virtually identical to what caused the referendum in 2011.”

“The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition would like to see the council put in place reasonable regulations and create a commission to address any impact to the community,” said John Lee, SVCC member & director of Control & Regulate San Jose. “We need to move forward, not backward.”

The San Jose City Council will vote on the Medical Marijuana Regulations proposed by City Staff on May 13th. SVCC will be opposing City Staff’s regulations and encouraging the council to adopt the new community language. SVCC will be filing the new language with the City May 12th.

Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) Community Meeting Regarding Medical Marijuana Regulations for San Jose

240 South Market St, San Jose CA 95113

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 7th, 2014 at 3pm

About Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC)
Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition is a no-cost grassroots coalition comprised of community members from industry, faith, public safety, health, and labor. SVCC is dedicated to assisting Silicon Valley municipalities in developing effective, uniform ordinances and application processes that stabilize medical marijuana for patients, workers and the community

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Fundraiser at Papadons 4/13

Buy Tickets Here

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Please contact Dave Hodges at for more information.

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Join the San Jose MMJ community in a celebration of unity!

Music – DJ ARTURO GARCES, Robert Quihuis, J_FUNK AND J_BOOGIE ENTERTAINMENT. Food truck on-site – free meal give-aways! Raffle and Prizes!

Spend a day of fun in support of keeping MMJ access in San Jose!

Meet with MMJ community leaders, hear about the latest activities and how our lives will be impacted by the choices soon to be made in San Jose!

Tickets:  $20 Entry or $40 VIP Entry with Medical Cannabis Patient “Goodie Bag”

This Sunday, March 16, 2014
12:00pm until 6:00pm

Papadon’s 420 Collective
590 Lincoln Ave, San Jose

Tickets available at

More information contact: John Lee –

Presented by the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition (SVCC) in association with Control & Regulate San Jose & the “Medical Marijuana Regulation of San Jose Act of 2014”


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San Jose Medical Marijuana Initiative Begins Collecting Signatures At Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

Medical Marijuana Regulation for San Jose Act of 2014 Sets Goal to Collect 30,000 Signatures By 4/20

San Jose, CA (February 25, 2014) Proponents of the San Jose Medical Marijuana Regulation for San Jose Act (MMRSJ), are cleared to collect signatures for the 2014 ballot. Signature gathering begins today in front of the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour at the SAP Center in Downtown San Jose. The MMRSJ initiative was created in response to the City of San Jose’s failure to provide workable regulations for San Jose cannabis clubs. It is supported by the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition, Americans for Policy Reform, Control & Regulate San Jose and a majority of cannabis clubs in San Jose.

“MMRSJ puts in place reasonable regulations and creates a commission to address any impact to the community. For the past 5 years, without regulations, we have had the wild west in San Jose. That needs to stop,” said Dave Hodges, Proponent & Founder of A2C2, the All American Cannabis Club. “It is crucial that we collect enough signatures to make the San Jose ballot. We have been here before with the city and the regulations they proposed forced us to do a referendum. We must put reasonable regulations in place to stop the city council from creating something we cannot live with.”

On December 10th, 2013 the San Jose City council started a process to come up with their own regulations and began to enforce their stance that “all dispensaries are illegal.”

“MMRSJ will ensure medical cannabis patients have the access they need in San Jose as intended in Prop 215,” said John Lee, Proponent & Founder of Americans for Policy Reform. “The closure of cannabis clubs should not be indiscriminate. It should be based on the community needs. If a cannabis club is disturbing the neighborhood and creating a nuisance, then of course it should be shut down. On the other hand, a well-run cannabis club can have a positive impact and enhance their community.”

Proponents John Lee & Dave Hodges are also proponents for the statewide legalization measure, the Marijuana Control, Legalization & Revenue Act (MCLR). “We cannot stop fighting for medical cannabis based on the hope of statewide legalization. Medical cannabis is extremely important for many people and we have to do everything we can to protect it,” said Hodges. “Don’t worry, we will be collecting signatures for the 2014 statewide legalization at the show as well.”

The supporters of MMRSJ would like to collect 30,000 signatures before the March 18th San Jose City Council meeting on the topic, but have set a goal of completing the signature drive on April 20th, 2014.

For further information regarding the campaign including how to volunteer or contribute, please contact us here


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San Jose Medical Marijuana Regulation Act of 2014 – UPDATED

We have been getting a lot of feedback on the San Jose local initiative. There have been a good number of changes. We will be filing next week. Please review the latest version ASAP and comment of the Google Doc or contact Dave Hodges,, with any changes or suggestions. 

Redline Version: PDF

Version 11: Google DocWord (.doc), Open Office (.odt), or PDF

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Message from: Michelle LeAnna (at Papadon’s): ReCap of Monday’s Coalition Meeting

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone’s holiday was good. I want to thank you all for attending our Cannabis Coalition Meeting on Monday at Papadon’s.

Attached to this page is:

Things that clubs should be doing now:

  • Filing for their Appeal Hearing ASAP & get in contact with some kind of legal counsel…
  • Collecting contact info on the San Jose cannabis supporter form.
  • Preparing members for the March 3rd city council meeting
  • Get the word out, build alliances with other collectives, to make our Coalition as powerful as a possible, we NEED MORE Collectives involved in our fight, RIGHT NOW

I think it would be great for everyone to share with others their scheduled dates of their hearing, so we can track the city’s turn around time, and possible discuss what other clubs are to expect from the process and the end result. BOMBARD EM ASAP.

Have a Happy New Year, and pray we can all work together on this vigorously… We have many members, vendors, staff and families that will lose their livelihood if we shut down =(

In conclusion, I would like to close that I will be out of town from Dec 27 to Jan 5th. Returning to work on the 6th. I will be checking my e-mails and have my cell on me at all times if you need to contact me.

Michelle LeAnna

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San Jose Collective Meeting 1/13/2013 @ 4pm



San Jose Collective Meeting 1/13/2013 @ 4pm (See attachment for directions)

On Tuesday December 10, 2013, the San Jose City Council discussed Medical Cannabis Regulations for the first time in two years. Although the Council HAS NOT passed a new law, as many news agencies reported, what was discussed is very concerning. There are two separate actions taking place at City Hall.

  1. San Jose City Council has directed staff to return in 90 days with recommendations for the council in regards to a Medical Cannabis Ordinance. Prior to the council meeting a memo was motioned/seconded with the following suggestions & “Friendly Amendments”

Medical Cannabis Collectives would be restricted:

  • Within 1000 feet of public & private schools, child daycare centers, houses of worship(temples, synagogues, churches), community/recreational centers, parks, libraries and other medical cannabis collectives;

  • Within 500 feet of substance abuse rehabilitation centers;

  • Within 150 feet of residential uses;

  • And be subject to “Advertising restrictions”.

  1. The City Council also directed staff to immediately close Medical Cannabis Collectives operating next to residential use areas. Any collective’s property that is directly adjacent to “residential use” areas would be notified to “Cease and Desist”.

Additional several significant discussions:

  1. Council Member Herrera motioned for a “Ban” of all collectives although it was later voted down. This was supported by Council Member Chu & Council Member Campos

  2. Council Member Herrera motioned for forbidden political contributions from “anybody related to marijuana.”

  3. Council Member Chu suggested a one mile (5280 ft.) restriction from schools and “1,000 feet everywhere.” With residential and school uses “getting the furthest distance from”

UFCW Local 5 is hosting a meeting for Medical Cannabis Operators, Growers, Venders, Patients and Activists to discuss an action plan to fight any ordinance that is too restrictive.


  • Prepare for the March 3rd City Council meeting

  • Discuss the possibility of developing a medical cannabis ordinance for San Jose

  • Committee/Industry outreach

  • Discuss action steps for November election for city council seats

January 13th, 2014
4:00 pm

Local 5: 240 S. Market St, San Jose CA

Flyer: SJ Cannabis operator meeting 1-13-2014

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R.I.P. Peter Baez and the Santa Clara County Medical Cannabis Center

R.I.P. San Jose’s “Eagle Scout of the medical marijuana movement.”

Peter Baez opened San Jose’s first medical marijuana collective in 1997 with the support of the mayor and the chief of police. Every cannabis user in Santa Clara County should know his story and honor his memory.

Pedro Palacios Camacho “Peter” Baez

November 25, 1963 – September 3, 2007

Pedro Palacios Camacho Baez, known as “Peter” to his friends and family, passed away suddenly and without warning on Monday, September 3, 2007. Peter was born on November 25, 1963 in Paris, France. For the first seven years of his life, Peter was raised in an orphanage in Cadiz, Spain. He was adopted by Samuel and Marianne Baez and raised on the east coast. He joined the United States Air Force and ultimately went to live in San Francisco, Gilroy, Campbell and San Jose, California, so that he could further his career in the banking industry, and be around people he loved and admired. He was particularly close to his cousin, folk singer and social activist, Joan Baez, of Woodside, California. Peter set high goals for himself, and attended San Jose City College where he was an exceptional student. He generously volunteered his time to work with non-profit organizations including ARIS, and other programs serving people with HIV/AIDS. He started one of the first Medical Marijuana Programs in the Country, the Santa Clara County Medical Cannabis Center, and was always willing to lend a hand to help those less fortunate than he. He received many awards for his community service. Peter is survived by his parents, his brothers; Robert, John and Michael, his family and his partners in life; Jesse Garcia and Roy Maharshi. Peter was a shining light in a grey world, and will be greatly missed by his many friends and family. A private memorial service will be held in Peter’s honor on September 22, 2007. May the energy that Peter brought into our lives be a constant source in yours. We love you Peter. Rest in Peace.
Source: South Valley Obituaries

Peter’s filing with the California Secretary of State:

Entity Number: C2060282
Date Filed: 11/06/1997
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: TEN ALMADEN BLVD., SUITE 1000
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN JOSE CA 95113
Agent for Service of Process: PETER BAEZ
Agent Address: 265 MERIDIAN AVE., SUITE 9
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN JOSE CA 95126

On April 9, 1998, an interview was broadcast on Bay TV (local cable channel 35 in San Francisco) between anchor Beth Ruyak and Peter Baez, executive director and cofounder of the Santa Clara County Medical Cannabis Center, and Ricardo Ippolito, his attorney.

Beth Ruyak: It has been called the Eagle Scouts of medical marijuana facilities, but a recent series of felony charges may change all that. The Santa Clara County Medical Cannabis Center has stopped taking new patients, and there are indications it may close it’s doors. Please welcome this morning, Peter Baez, the clubs executive director, and his attorney, Ricardo Ippolito. Did I say that right, Ricardo?Ricardo Ippolito: Yes, that’s fine, thanks.

Beth Ruyak: O.K. Good morning to both of you.

Peter Baez: Good morning.

Ricardo Ippolito: Good morning.

Beth Ruyak: Peter, let me start by asking, with all the choices of all the different things a person could do in his or her life, why is it that this what you have chosen to do?

Peter Baez: Well, because I believe in the cause of helping others who are down and who are in need, and that’s been a history in my family for generations, from the Baez’, from the sixties, for the civil rights movement up to today to the medical marijuana movement and it’s just something I was brought up to do and I wanted to do it.

Beth Ruyak: There was the arrest in late March, and this week five new felony charges were added after a court appearance. How has that impacted those beliefs and your plans?

Peter Baez: It soured them considerably. I’m very discouraged by what’s happening to me, I’m certainly not discouraged about my innocence. My attorney can certainly speak about that, but, uh, it has discouraged me and broken my heart basically because I feel I’m doing something right, not something wrong, and, there’s never been any criminal intent on my part or anybody at my center.

Beth Ruyak: Your facility was considered a model for facilities like this. I know you worked hand in hand with officials in terms of setting it up. Did the charges and the arrest come as a surprise to you?

Peter Baez: Oh, absolutely. You know, I sent a farewell fax to Chief Cobarruviaz on the Friday before I was arrested because it was his retirement, and the next working day with the new interim police chief, that afternoon I was arrested, uh, stemming from an allegation that I sold, took marijuana to somebody who did not qualify, who incidentally bought the marijuana out on the street and not at our center. So, yes, this is a complete surprise to me and the behavior of the Santa Clara County D.A. and the police department, the way they are handling this, is absolutely outrageous.

Beth Ruyak: So, were you illegally selling or distributing marijuana?

Peter Baez: Absolutely not. I would never chance 1, 10, 20 patients, to my 270 patients. Never would. Never would compromise any of that. And we’ve been tested by the federal government, the San Jose police, the Santa Clara County Task Force on Drugs; they try to infiltrate our center, as they have other medical marijuana centers throughout the Bay Area, and we’re the only ones that they did not succeed, as far as I know, otherwise I’d probably be charged with that also right now.

Beth Ruyak: Peter, let me ask your attorney, Ricardo, and Peter just mentioned the 270 patients, and files were confiscated. Is that legal and what can you do to protect the patients of this clinic?

Ricardo Ippolito: Well, at this point, that’s going to involve a civil action against the police department, for the invasion of privacy of their files. There’s a – – the law is pretty hazy in that respect. The District Attorney is calling the files client files instead of patient files, and they are trying to get around the confidentiality privilege.

Beth Ruyak: What about the charges against Peter? Will they hold, will they stick?

Ricardo Ippolito: No. They’re not going to. We have ample evidence of Mr. Baez’ innocence. A ton of evidence. The problem is the doctors, though. You know, they’re put in a tight position because if they admit to recom- mending the marijuana, then they could be prosecuted federally. So they have a choice of jeopardizing their license, or coming to Peter’s aid.

Beth Ruyak: Actually Peter, I have you heard you speak out over the last week that that’s really the catch here, is that doctors aren’t willing to stand firm on their recommendations, whether they’re verbal or written, regarding a patient.

Peter Baez: Absolutely. You know, it’s a real hazy line with the oral recommendations because it’s allowable under 215 but, regardless of, as long as a federal threat looms over any physician who writes, recommends, talks about medical marijuana to his or her patient, the federal government, McCaffery and Janet Reno, have threatened to not only prevent them from writing prescriptions for morphine and Schedule II drugs, but also to take away their Medicaid privileges and Medicare, and, you know, a doctor can’t afford to lose that, so who’s gonna be the fall person? I hope it’s not gonna be me, because I have ample proof that I have done nothing wrong.

Beth Ruyak: But at this point, you are intending to step down, and will the center be closed?

Peter Baez: Well, I want to get out of this, because it’s taken a toll on my health, and the stress is just beyond – I’ve lost some weight, my blood counts are completely off, dramatically, just from the past two weeks. My partner Jesse (sp), is also HIV, does not want to go in this without me behind him, and he has enough health problems where he doesn’t need this. We felt we gave our all for the past year, to the San Jose and the Santa Clara County officials. We turned in five forgers. I kept meticulous books and accounted for everything that’s come through. We have a Federal tax I.D. We have a pending 501.C3. You know, what more can one do, and then if they’re gonna treat you this way, what is the sense of either cooperating with them or staying open? I feel bad that the people who are gonna get hurt are the people who are sick and dying, but that should lay on the shoulders of the D.A.s office now because I can’t do anything about it. I have to look out for myself now.

Beth Ruyak: Well, your health is more in jeopardy now, perhaps, than it has ever been. Tell me about the blessings that you have been getting from your cousin, Joan Baez?

Peter Baez: Yeah. She’s great. We’ve always been very close. She lives in Woodside, I live in Gilroy. You know, she called me the day after my arrest. She had heard it. She was playing in Carnegie Hall that night, and she was just outraged, and I can’t get into exactly the comments she made since we’re on live TV, but she was absolutely outraged and sent a press statement in regards to my innocence and my character, and also did sing in my name at Carnegie Hall that “We Shall Overcome”. So, she’s a great person; she’ll be back in the Bay Area towards the end of the month, and I’m sure that she will come to court with me if I need anybody as a character witness. She’ll be there.

Beth Ruyak: And just quickly, what is the next step in the legal process? Ricardo, what’s the next date?

Peter Baez: May 6th.

Ricardo Ippolito: The next date is May 6th, and that’s just a preliminary setting date where we’re gonna set a preliminary hearing from that date.

Beth Ruyak: O.K.

Peter Baez: I’d like to let you know one thing, uh, our clients have, you know, been besieging us with “what can we do? what can we do?…to help you”, and, uh, you know, they’re wonderful people, and next Tuesday…the San Jose City Council meets on Tuesdays…a couple hundred of them want to be at the city council meeting, a nonagendized hearing meeting, and complain to the city council and to the mayor as to the actions of the police department, and why the mayor has not said a single word about what has gone on with me. So, uh, anybody in the Bay Area who wants to support us, we’d like your support. But, please, we do not allow the smoking of marijuana outside or inside the premises; I think that’s against the rules. But we do ask for your support.

Beth Ruyak: O.K. Peter Baez. Our strength to you as your own health battles continue…

Peter Baez: Thank you.

Beth Ruyak: …and Ricardo Ippolito, thank you for both joining us this morning.

Peter Baez: Thank you very much.

Ricardo Ippolito: Thank you.

This transcription was created by scott richie for Winky. Source: WINKSLINKS

Peter Baez was a great man who did what was right and was one of the tragic victims of the war on drugs. Every one who support medical cannabis should know Peter’s story. May his soul rest in peace.

One of the best articles about Peter is “Crucifying St. Peter” by Eric Johnson (Published in the Metro 5/28/98.)

Another good article regarding Peter is “Medical Marijuana’s Recent Local History”
by Dave Hodges (Published on 7/12/11).

“You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.” –Denis Waitley

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Medical Marijuana Advocates Mourn Pot Club Closures in Mock Funeral

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